Legacy's Gyulais beef is a F1 cross wagyu program. Our Gyulais contain 100% genetics from both sides of the cross, which are Black Wagyu and Charolais. Our program is a long-term grain finished beef program where our cattle are bred to preserve the main nutritional qualities of beef while providing the righty quantity of intramuscular fat. This creates a tastier, more tender, healthier beef product for the consumer. 


Our Process

what makes gyulais different

Our breeding platform is based around the Charolais and Black Wagyu cattle. Charolais cattle have the best feed conversion rate of any cattle on the market allowing our Gyulais to yield on average 200 more pounds on the rail than your average beef carcass.

Our years of experience and research our breeding of Charolais with Black Wagyu cattle have proven to insure amazing inner muscular fat marbling. Putting these two breeds together, we get a truly unique animal, both in marbling and taste. 

The meat speaks for itself. Great tender, flaky inner muscular marbling, unique bold beef flavor and flavorful without being too rich or overwhelming. Gyulais are consistent, due to a 100% cross on both sides. NHCT (nonhormonal treated cattle) program and process in a USDA facility. Gyulais is distributed locally and throughout the US to meat markets, restaurants and distributors. 

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We are located in La Grange on Hwy 71, within an hour and a half of Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, making it easily accessible for all visitors. For any information on Gyulais or custom processing needs give us a call at 979-249-2571. We can get you scheduled to process your livestock, whether cattle, pork, goat or lamb. 

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